We at Keystone believe that God has given everyone unique talents. The reasons God gave us these unique and special talents are to love God, love people, and serve the world. Keystone Baptist Church wants everyone to experience the feeling invoked by making a difference in someone else’s life. Opportunities to serve in the church are abundant. Keystone will help you match your strengths to the place and people that need you most, such as:

  • Children & Student Ministry Teams – There is a constant need for people to serve as teachers or assistants in our classrooms.
  • Worship & Arts: Musicians, Vocalists, Sound, and IT Support Teams – Use your talents to glorify God during our time of worship.
  • Guest Services Teams – Reach out to new families and help them get plugged in to our church family.
  • Men’s and Women’s Ministry Teams – Reach out to one another during times of need, through fellowship, prayer, and stewardship.

Keystone Baptist Church exists to be a light for God in our communities. We live this out in many ways.

God asks us to be compassionate to even “the least of these”, and Keystone fulfills this by partnering with local ministries serving the poor as well as those serving people with special needs. You will often find us cooking meals for MUST Ministries, gathering toys and clothing for families in crisis, or serving as friends and team helpers at the Horizon Special Needs Field in Acworth.

Also, living in and among so many thriving neighborhoods provides ample opportunity to offer fun and exciting community-based events. Keystone Baptist Church often joins with the Bentwater and Seven Hills communities for seasonal and Holiday related social experiences. Families seek out these special times with us, while we offer a glimpse of God in fun-filled, relationship building experiences.

Several trips to New Orleans in response to Hurricane Katrina to rebuild people’s homes and lives, as well as into the wilderness of Alaska to support a remote local church camp. A trip to Montana to support the Montana Indian Ministries is the most recent example of how Keystone expands God’s love throughout our nation. People everywhere are in need, and with the talent and people to respond, we can meet them where they are.

One of our church families, the Franklin's, have been instrumental in starting an orphanage for 14 children in Haiti and helping them attend school. A great opportunity for us to get involved is through sponsoring a child for $40 a month. Prayerfully consider giving to this amazing effort. For more information, please visit

Let us know about your outreach idea and the team you've put together.